March 1, 2011

Finally in Tennessee

I have been attempting to update this for a few days. I say 'attempt' because I cannot stay awake long enough. I mean, sleep all day and toss and turn all night watching TV and movies. This jet lag is really getting the best of me.
I bought a blanket from the Black H'Mong tribe while in Sa Pa, and last night I finally soaked it with cold water and salt. Today, I rinsed it out. And though the smart thing would have been to wear gloves, I did not. Therefore, I have blue hands. It is weird, but they look like they are glowing a bit. I suppose I could be worried, but I am not. Hopefully the blanket will not rub off anymore blue now.

Here are some of my edited images I had not posted yet. There are still more I want to go through, I generally find when I don't look at my images for a few days, I go back and see something I didn't necessarily like before. That will be something I will do in the next few days.

Just a few touch ups here and there. By the way, there were so many water buffalos and pigs that I was in animal heaven! Mary and I named a few of them, the water buffalo above, Mary named her Daisy.  And I nearly brought a few piglets home with me. I have some pictures, note the one with the pig sleeping on the hill.  For some reason, when I saw this pig on the hill I instantly started singing 'Fool on the Hill' by the Beatles, in my head.  I may need to post more pig pictures soon! 

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