May 31, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Yesterday was quite the day. Woke up early feeling under the weather, and also to some shaddy weather-chilly and rainy. Once that cleared, I walked to McGill campus to meet a friend.  On the way to meet her, i saw three amazing photo ops. 1. the cutest lil girl walking infront of her parents, ever so proudly holding a little Quebec flag over her shoulder. 2. A man with a cat (sans leash and carrier) walking out of a cafe, having a moment, as the cat was trying to escape. 3. Two older women and one man, all appearing to be mature, non-hipster adults, until I notice the 'Girls with Guns' graphic shirt the man was sporting. Made my morning! 
Once I met my friend, we went for a hike/run on the mountain, with a detour to the monkey bars to try upside down crunches (so much fun!)
 Heading back to my place, we planned a fun picnic and headed to the Tam Tams where my project was supposed to begin.
Sad news- it was kind of cold and I was feeling a bit under to actually start. But I did get one image of my friend who was dressed super chic.

...hope everyone had a fab weekend :)

May 26, 2010

Photo Look Book is the last day of shooting the current look book trends for Justify, an label I work for.

Here is a lil preview of what I have already retouched....more to come on my website as well as here :)

May 25, 2010


Sometimes, when there is a long weekend, it makes it so much harder to go back to work. But, at the same time, I think every weekend should be a long one - it gives us something to look forward to and also allows for an actual rest/recovery from the craziness of a work week.

Wishful thinking...

This is my dream soft and magical looking, non?

Have a good day :)

May 24, 2010

MIA life has been super crazy, what with photostuff, work, going to Halifax for my sisters baby shower...I have some new ideas on the brain and it is just a matter of finding the time (and energy) to begin...

one thing I am going to be doing will start next will have to wait til then to see what that is

This is a picture I really really using mirrors in images!

Happy Victoria Day!!!