August 24, 2011

Summer Shoot

Sometimes I find when I look back to a shoot I have done, I see more images that maybe I didn't notice right away. Kind of the idea of stepping back and looking with fresh eyes.

Here are a few images I spotted looking through an older shoot I did at the beginning of the summer. 

August 4, 2011

Many Faces Project...

Having always loved the look of photobooth images, I want to create a grid of 'faces' of people I know.  It is always interesting how people react in front of the camera, and by shooting twelve images, the viewer can get a sense of personality of the person, though I do talk and suggest ideas to try.
I will be strictly shooting twelve images of each person allowing for no editing, this puts a stress as well to the model to perform to their best! And yes, I do intend to include myself in this series. Who knows how far it will go and how many people I will do...only time will tell. Will continue to post more as I complete them.

August 3, 2011

Osheaga Weekend

So, finally the weekend I was looking forward to for such a while came. I was both happy and sad to be back in Montreal. Happy because I missed it, sad because the realization that I don't live there anymore was something I wanted to avoid. 

Some images I snapped with my iphone during some of the shows:

Oh Land


Death From Above 1979 were playing on the left stage

Bright Eyes

The Flaming Lips