February 18, 2012

Behind-the-scenes B-INSIDER Shoot: Young Hearts Run Free

I assisted the amazing May Truong on the Young Hearts Run Free B-INSIDER shoot. 
Check out the article here, and view some behind-the-scenes images below.

Copyright 2012 Aleyah Solomon

February 17, 2012

texture and tone

Playing around with my lights, I wanted to take something rich is both colour and texture and show that with the right lighting and contrast, the object doesn't lose it's appeal. I don't think you need to know what the colours actually are, the object is so rich in texture and tone, it just doesn't matter!

Copyright 2012 Aleyah Solomon

Lighting Test #1

I have finally found some time to test out lights for my next project (which will be posted on here throughout the next few weeks). This is lighting test #1 with myself as the subject. Test #2 will be with someone else! I know the layout of how I want to light this shoot: using a reflective suface to bounce the light.  Now, I just need a model other than myself to get the lighting perfectly adjusted! 

Here are a few shots I took tonight:

Copyright 2012 Aleyah Solomon

February 16, 2012

Rocker Chic Shoot revisited

I have said it before, about past work, sometimes you need to walk away for a bit and then when you look again, you notice more images that you like. I did this last night when I was going through my images for my website. I also think I have come a long way since then with Lightroom and retouching in general. Here are the 'new' images of Jordin, in her Rocker Chic Shoot.

Copyright 2012 Aleyah Solomon

February 4, 2012

Adrian Wu: Brilliant Designer

Last night I went to a party at Adrian Wu's new studio space in downtown Toronto. First of all, he is so friendly and rocked awesome American flag pants and huge circular glasses. 
Wu's clothing is incredible and so artistic, I was instantly a fan after viewing his collection online. He taught himself to sew and launched his career when he was 18 at Vancouver Fashion Week. I heard about Wu from FAJO Magazine when they published a piece on him. Click here to read the article. I have attached some of the pictures from last night, though they were only taken quickly with my iPhone, as well as some images of his clothing I found on various sites.

For more about him and his collections, check out his website:http://www.adrianwu.com

February 2, 2012

Pretty Pictures

Some pretty images of the Spring and Summer season.