June 26, 2010

Just Chillin'

Just chillin'...waiting for the 2nd game to come on. I know this may sound weird, but I am going to USA in this match. I never cheer for the US, but I have developed a soft spot for them lately. Maybe it is the love for NYC...

I am home in Halifax until Monday evening. I am already dreading leaving my beautiful baby niece who is the most snuggly thing ever!

Attached are a couple photos of baby Raiyah with Auntie Aleyah!!!!

June 24, 2010

St Jean Baptiste

So....I am not exactly sure who St Jean Baptiste is...but yay for having a day off work! Home in Halifax until Monday evening, mainly to meet my brand new niece (for reals...she is 1 week tomorrow!)

Going to post a couple pics of her shortly! Happy Thursday!!!

Check out something I did waiting to board my flight yesterday...was just playing around...

June 15, 2010

Playing Around

So...with the last few look books I shot, I want to try and create something.....creative?!

Look books are so standard so I am playing around with different effects to make it a tad more interesting! I have been planning to go to the cafe to get some work done, but as it is, life happens and plans change. Alas, I have yet to get to the cafe...maybe tomorrow?!

Here is something I am toying with...just playing around as it were...testing things out until I find something uber fascinating which I will be happy with :)

I am super in love with this look, haha and yes I totally put it together.
This is NOT the final image...but a work towards the final!

June 14, 2010


New York, I Love You!
Sitting by the Hudson on our last afternoon in NYC last weekend.

Will post more lata!

Happy Monday!!

June 3, 2010


Last night I went to watch AC Milan play Montreal's Impact. Such an amazing game! Makes me miss soccer oh so much. Psyched for the World Cup to begin....GO ENGLAND :)