October 31, 2009


Already bought my ticket for the Arctic Monkeys show Dec. 14th in Montreal! So excited...and of course I had to throw in a pic with Alexa Chung!

Happy Halloween!

No...it is not my favorite 'holiday' but I do love vampires. I was wanting to special order this to try it out...I still might.

October 25, 2009

The Fangs Came Out...Literally!

I recently bought some vampire fangs, but not just any fangs, the ones you mold to your teeth. After, what, four tries, I finally did it and they are great. I tested them out last night, a week before Halloween, and they seemed okay. At first it was a bit weird and uncomfortable, but after awhile you kinda get used to the longer sharp teeth.

The greatest thing was when someone asked me if they were my real teeth because they looked like they were!

October 24, 2009

Alex DeLarge

Just decided that I wanted to turn my vampire halloween costume into Alexa DeLarge (female vampire version of Alex DeLarge from Clockwork Orange)

If you have not seen Clockwork Orange, you must give it a try! Disturbing at most times, I find the dialogue quite witty and the music enjoyable.

October 22, 2009

Love Gary Go

I heard this guy when he opened for Mika and love his voice!!!!!!!!
I think this one just might be my fav. song...

Pain and Pleasure: The Heel

October 21, 2009

an introduction aka purpose of this

So, the other night, while enjoying the enthusiasm of the MIKA performance in Montreal, an idea popped into my head...'why not start a blog about the random happenings in Montreal and anything else I feel is worthy of recognition. So...here it is. The beginning of something that could be extraordinary, or not. Either way, this is, quite literally, anything and everything aleyah.