January 30, 2011

Gritty Photos

So, before I left on my trip in December, I had done a mini photo shoot with a friend. I also brought my Nikon FM2 because I still love shooting with film. I finally dropped the film off and have yet to go through them all. Here are a couple I like...

More to come this week, as well as some of my images from my trip to South America!

January 23, 2011

Cannot wait for spring!!

So tired of wearing layers and topping everything off with a huge coat, scarf and hat. I stumbled upon the Spring/Summer 2011 look book for Primark, a UK Company and got really excited for spring!
Mixing the trends of the times; vintage inspired pieces from 70's style, boho chic, nautical stripes and sophisticated neutrals, this collection is sure to get any fashion lover excited for the new season!

January 22, 2011

Vegan Cupcakes!

Monday, I went to my second session with my Naturopath and got my results I had done my first time there. These results were for an IgG test which is a delayed allergy test.  My results were pretty shocking to myself as most of the foods I eat a lot, I now have to give up. So, I have been doing alright with making my own food and have decided eating out is next to impossible now. I am a vegetarian and am allergic to sunflower seeds and nuts. I can now add eggs, sugar (cane), yeast and dairy to the list of allergies. Pretty discouraging!

Today is day 5 of this new diet.  I decided to try out the cupcake recipe from my new favourite book "The Kind Diet" by Alicia Silverstone, a fellow vegan.

I tried the cornbread recipe from this book on Tuesday, and the results were pretty good! (Although I would personally add less maple syrup as I found these a bit too sweet!)

Photo of cupcake from the book

cupcakes I made myself :)

The cupcakes are very easy to make, though the ingredients are a bit hard to find than if making regular cupcakes. They look nice, and I think they taste amazing! I will admit I was a bit weary of eating them; they do not smell as good as I would like, but the texture and taste are better than some cupcakes I have had in the past!!

So far, this new restricted diet is not bad at all!

January 14, 2011

How I miss South America

So I recently came back to Montreal, (I arrived on Sunday), after traveling in South America for two weeks.  Although the high temperatures, or rather breaking record temperatures in Buenos Aires were unbearable, at least I didn't have to wear layers of clothing! I guess that is part of being Canadian though!

I will be going through my images, and have a few film to be developed.  Will post some, not all, of the images slowly!

Until then...