May 31, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Yesterday was quite the day. Woke up early feeling under the weather, and also to some shaddy weather-chilly and rainy. Once that cleared, I walked to McGill campus to meet a friend.  On the way to meet her, i saw three amazing photo ops. 1. the cutest lil girl walking infront of her parents, ever so proudly holding a little Quebec flag over her shoulder. 2. A man with a cat (sans leash and carrier) walking out of a cafe, having a moment, as the cat was trying to escape. 3. Two older women and one man, all appearing to be mature, non-hipster adults, until I notice the 'Girls with Guns' graphic shirt the man was sporting. Made my morning! 
Once I met my friend, we went for a hike/run on the mountain, with a detour to the monkey bars to try upside down crunches (so much fun!)
 Heading back to my place, we planned a fun picnic and headed to the Tam Tams where my project was supposed to begin.
Sad news- it was kind of cold and I was feeling a bit under to actually start. But I did get one image of my friend who was dressed super chic.

...hope everyone had a fab weekend :)

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