February 20, 2011

1st Crit in Vietnam

Yesterday, though I nearly changed my mind because I was a bit nervous, a few of us took motorbikes for a 2h30m trek to a market. Because it has been so foggy and cold, and wet, most decided to go by van. So, the three of us from Nova Scotia could not pass this opportunity up. Nance, Laurie, Mary and I hopped onto our motorbikes, with our guys, and took off. I have to say, the most fun I have ever had! There were areas where you could not see because of the fog and rain, and it wasn't exactly warm, but wow. If you ever want to experience a country, especially Vietnam, how the locals do, you must ride a motorbike.

I am here for a photo course. It is a brilliant opportunity to work with, and learn from, Nance Ackerman.  With all the experiences here and learning about the Vietnamese, it is easy to forgot to think about things from a photo point of view. Alas, we each have a critique where we show 15-20 images (the ones we think are best) and everyone has to pick 3 and tell us why they work, or why they don't. They can be nerve-wracking, but at the end of the day, if you are confident with your stuff, or not, they are very helpful.
My critique was last night and I wasn't too nervous about it all mainly because I try to think of it more as a time to get feedback and ask questions about things you are unsure about.

Here are images that were most successful, before editing and adjusting.

 In a few days, I will repost with the adjustments made. Some need no adjustments, but others could be
much stronger with a few tweaks here and there.

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