February 13, 2011

Vietnam: Hanoi, Day 1

I arrived late last night in Hanoi, Vietnam. After traveling 20+ hours, I finally made it. There was a driver waiting for me with my name on a sign (a first) so I didn't have to worry about language and making my way to the hotel, though many people here can speak a bit of english. We ate breakfast at our hotel, I ordered the rice noodles which came with mint and coriander and some sort of cinnamon tofu, watermelon and tea. I went for a run around Lake Hoan Kiem and though it felt like I was going to pass out, I am glad I went. I might attempt another run tomorrow after my one-on-one photo session at 6:30am.
We had our first class today and hung out with our guides/translators. These girls are students here and are part of a student group that help tourists out. We have two sweet girls helping us out, and I was delighted that Yen, who is 20, thought I was 19 years old. 
We walked around and I attempted to break out of my comfort zone, and take images of the people here. I am still trying to push myself to not be shy or worry they will be angry, as we are told they are used to it, and even enjoy it. I hope I do better tomorrow.
So far, I am eating the most wonderful foods, and such fresh vegetables and fruit. The bananas taste so much better here!!

Here is a sneak of what I photographed. This city moves so quickly, it is so overwhelming, but quite an amazing experience.

So far, I think I skipped over jet leg...I guess I will see how I feel tomorrow!!

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