February 19, 2011

Sapa, Vietnam

Today we came to Sapa, Vietnam. We slept overnight in the train. There were four of us in a 'room' and I volunteered to be one on the top bunk, Nance was on the other top. The whole night, I dreamt I was about to fall off, though I am happy to report I did not, and slept rather soundly the entire time. We arrived at the train station around 5am and some of us separated, a few came to Sapa to the hotel and the rest rode a very windy road to a market where the Flower Hmong tribe are. One thing to know about Northern Vietnam, there are five main subgroups of the Hmong tribes, Flower, Black, Green, Red, White, and they are recognized based on attire. They do not speak Vietnamese, though I imagine some might know a few words, rather they each have their own language. We learned 'hello' which I say 'Go Ño Hi' literally translating to where are you going. And the other is 'thank you' which is pronounced Ouch-o.  Note these are not how they are spelled, but how I sounded them out (and wrote them on my arm). I think it was greatly appreciated the effort of trying.
Pictures cannot express the views, and though once again, we had not the greatest weather, it was still breathtaking and surreal.
Tonight we will dine together at the Sapa Rooms Hotel, owned by the same guy where we hold our classes in Hanoi, Six on Sixteen. The art and food alone are worth staying at one of these places while here!
I am pleased to say I had a great one-on-one with Nance at the market today. I am just amazed watching her work and giving me pointers which I am more than eager to have. I wish I had half of her talent! Maybe one day, as long as I keep at it!

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