October 17, 2019

Paris X Halifax

It has been a while since I have posted anything on here, and this is something I will make sure to do more of, especially with all that is happening lately! I have been back in Canada for almost a year now, and am happily traveling back to Paris soon for a short trip before venturing to Montreal and Ottawa and then...TBA!

I thought it only fitting to promote and highlight some work I have showing here in Halifax at Elements of Kula, an amazing new yoga studio that also holds some local artwork for sale!

Here are a few images you will find of mine for sale, hanging on the walls.

All images are currently for sale. 
If interested, contact aleyahs@me.com for size and price information.

**Feel free to share post and make sure any photos of mine are credited to me and linked back to my page!
***Never print, copy or use my images without my knowledge and permission.
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