January 19, 2010

New Love

I came across this site and fell instantly inlove with the style. So urban/country, that I decided I would love to base my spring style on these pieces. And the photoshoot!  I don't know what I love more, the fact that it is outside on a rooftop or that they are using natural lighting. It's funny because in August I was thinking about finding a rooftop to use the natural light while getting a glimpse of the city as the backdrop, now I cannot wait until the weather warms up a bit to scope out my own roof.  Last, but not least, I am in love with this models hair. It is the same length as mine, but again for the second time this month, I think I want bangs (always a mistake once I do it, but I keep doing it!)

I think it is safe to say I want many of her new pieces as well as her old ones...note how amazing the shoes are!

Check out the rest and her old collections at:

Photo credit goes to Matt Sundin (not the hockey player!)


  1. total find aleyah - thanks for introducing me to this! i'm obsessed with her F/W 09 S/S 10 lines and the model bears an uncanny resemblance to Ms Chung...no wonder we like

  2. i know! I love her collections, past and present. I have seen her f/w in a magazine i am sure and was in love with the images then. And I cut my bangs bc i love her hair!